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Vegetarian Mixed Daal - mixed lentils recipe

This mixed daal recipe is the delight for both vegetarians and non-vegetarian.  It can be a great side dish.  Eat with rice and it will be a complete nutritious meal.  Enjo ....

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Pressure Cooker Recipes Beef Curry with Tomatoes - cooked in pressure cooker

Beef curry with tomatoes, is another easy curry dish. The taste is great and the meat will simply melt in your mouth. Eat with bread, roti, nan or rice.

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Kababs Shami Kababs

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Fish Dishes & Sea Foods Shrimp Curry

These Kababs are the delight of any party.  Cook ahead and serve hot when guests arrive either as an appetizer or as side dish.  Goes well with ketch up or mint chutnee.  Kids ....

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Vegetarian Egg Curry

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Vegetarian Baigan Ka Bharta - Eggplant recipe

This vegetarian dish is full of nutrition.  Try this as a side dish and can be eaten with roti, nan or puri.  Also goes well with boiled rice.  Enjoy

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Chicken Dishes Chicken Curry with Gorbanzo Beans

This chicken dish recipe comes to you from the Punjab Region. The gorbanzo beans add additional taste to the chicken. You will simply love it. Goes well with naan or rice.

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Chicken Dishes Chicken Curry

This simple and eay chicken curry dish is the delight of many dinners.   Chicken cooked in these spices and yogurt brings out the taste of chicken.  Enjoy.

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Fish Dishes & Sea Foods Fish Curry

This mouth watering Fish Curry is extremely popular.  A heart healthy dish.  Enjoy with either rice or roti. 

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Sheba Fehmi - Welcome to my site and this is my kitchen. While growing up cooking was the last thing on my mind. Mom did all the cooking and she is very good at it, so why bother. However, after marriage it was a different story. Started cooking, of course there were some disasters but had a lot of support from my husband, friends and family.

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