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Sheba Fehmi

Welcome to my site and this is my kitchen. While growing up cooking was the last thing on my mind. Mom did all the cooking and she is very good at it, so why bother. However, after marriage it was a different story. Started cooking, of course there were some disasters but had a lot of support from my husband, friends and family.

I remember, we invited a family friend for dinner and I wanted to keep it simple so decided to cook fried rice. Not sure what I added to the pot, the rice came out brown. We joked about it and enjoyed it - come on, it tasted pretty good.

I enjoy watching cooking shows. I would say some ideas come from those show. My goal is to keep cooking simple, but retain the authentic taste. Well I am from Lucknow and my husband is a Dilliwala (from Delhi). You can very well get the picture. Both places are known for their food and the debate is still on in US, where I live now, as to the Kababs (shh kababs from lucknow are better). For people not familiar with Lucknow and Delhi, the later is the capital of India and the former is the state capital of Uttar Pradesh.

After watching my video " how to make dough using food processor " several of my friends sent in a thank you note. They were still kneading it by hand. My favorite is the " Pressure Cooker". A subscriber asked me " how many pressure cookers do you have" ? My answer too many. Different sizes, different makes. You can contact me with comments and recipe request at:

Yasmin Neggers Ph.D

Dr. Neggers provides nutrition information and weight loss advice on this website, you can send your questions for her using the email below. We honor all requests for confidentiality and do not share those questions with others.

Dr. Yasmin Neggers is a registered dietitian, with a doctorate in Nutritional Epidemiology and Masters Degrees in Nutrition and Chemistry. She is a professor of Nutrition at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. Dr. Neggers has 30 years of teaching and research experience at the University. She has taught numerous courses in nutrition dealing with dietary habits of children, adults and pregnant women.

One of her area of expertise is preventive nutrition. She has done extensive research to assess the role of nutrition in prevention of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Dr. Neggers has published her original research in top level scientific journals like Journal of American Medical Association, Journal of Nutrition, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Journal of American Dietetic Association. Her work has been cited widely by other researchers in the U.S. and other countries. Also, she has presented her research world wide.

You can send your questions for Dr. Neggers to:

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