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Mutton Curry

This mutton curry recipe uses few spices but gives you a great taste. Try this simple but delicious dish and your friends would be asking you for the recipe. Yes you can take the credit, a ....

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Mutton or Lamb Chops Curry

This recipe for mutton/lamb chops is the easiest and the chops taste so good that you and your friends will love it. You will be surprised how simple it is. Just takes patience

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Dum Ka Keema or Baked Keema

Dum Ka keema or baked keema is a very simple dish. You do need to marinate over night and the next day only thing you have to do is bake it

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Keema cooked in Pasanda Masala

Tasty way to cook ground meat. You can use beef, mutton, or even chicken ground meat. The meat is cooked in Pasanda Masala - Basically taking the pasanda recipe and cooking ground meat - O ....

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Roasted Leg of Goat

Lamb of Goat or Lamb, is cooked at festive occasions. It is time consuming, but the results are worth the wait.

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