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Chicken Pullao -different version

This is a little bit difficult dish to make but the final product is worth the wait.

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Bombay Biryani

Biryani is cooked in several different ways. Each region has some unique ingredients that adds to the taste. Bombay biryani is from Bombay or Mumbia. It is a bit spicy but you will love i ....

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Mutton Biryani

Biryani is cooked in many different ways. This is a mild version of biryani. I have tried to make it simple and easy without loosing the great taste. Try it and you will love it.

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Chicken Biryani

Chicken Biryani is a very famous dish cooked and served at marriages. This recipe comes from Delhi and Lucknow. It is very simple and tasty. You will enjoy it and so will your kids as the ....

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Rice and Chicken Meat Balls

This is a very simple and easy but delicious rice dish that you and your kids will love. There are no spices and the cashews and raisins add to the rich taste. Enjoy

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Keema Biryani - Biryani with minced meat

This Biryani dish is not the traditional biryani and is a very simple way of cooking rice in a different manner. Try it and you will love it. Your kids will also love it.

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Khichdi cooked in pressure cooker

This is an easy way to cook the famous comfort food " KHICHDI". Try it and you will love it.

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