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Puff Pastry

This is a very simple and tasty snack. You can serve it either warm or cold. Can also be an appetizer. Goes well with your evening tea. Coffee lovers you would also love this. You can a ....

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Baigan Ka Raita

There are severral recipes of raita but this is very different raita and it has a totally different taste. The mix of spices, yogurt and garnish of cumin seeds makes it yummy and difficult ....

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Chicken Fingers

Chicken Fingers - this snack has a little bit of an Indian touch, but still has the original chicken finger taste. The recipe shows you how to have crispy chicken fingers. Kids love this a ....

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Tuna Sandwich

This tasty tuna sandwich will have your mouth watering - it is so easy to make that you will not believe it.

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Fish Taco

This is a mix of India and Mexican taste. You can mix and match.

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East and West Sandwich

This blend of east and west sandwich is simple and easy. This sandwich will have a taste of garlic and ginger and the cilantro adds greens. Oh this tastes so good. You can add mustard or m ....

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Baked Crusted Chicken

Considering baking something good. Try this simple and easy recipe for nut crusted chicken breasts. Oh it tastes so good and is so moist that you will love it.

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Sweet and Spicy Potatoes

This simple and easy snack is finger licking tasty. Your friends and kids will love this. Spicy but not too spicy, sweet but not too sweet.

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Lentil and Barley Soup

This is a very simple recipe of a soup that you and your kids will love. You can cut back on chilli. Pleae watch the video to see the technique used. The video is available in the video s ....

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Garlic Chutnee - Lehsun ki Chutnee

Garlic Chutnee is very simple to make and is a very heart healthy garnish. You can eat this with Baisan ki Roti, Paratha or with Kababs.

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