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Eggplant or Brinjal Recipe

This is a very simple way of cooking a vegetarian dish - it comes out great every time and you and your family will love it.

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Baisan Ki Roti

OH my - you will love this recipe. It is pure shakahari, vegetarian, and it the Roti tastes so good that you, your significant other and all others in your family will simply love it.

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Garlic Chutnee - Lehsun ki Chutnee

Garlic Chutnee is very simple to make and is a very heart healthy garnish. You can eat this with Baisan ki Roti, Paratha or with Kababs.

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Delhi Ki Chaat - Aalo ki chat

OH this will be so GOOD - Delhi ki Chaat - Try this and you will forget that you are not in Delhi. Enjoy

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Vegetarian Kababs

OH you will love these vegetarian kababs. Your vegetarian friends will love this. Tastes so good and yummy that these will disappear from the plates while you are frying - so be on guard.

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Omelette Curry

This unique dish is so simple but still so very tasty that you and your kids will love it. Most of the ingerdients should be in your home. Enjoy this simple recipe. Also good for singles ....

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Falafil Cooked with Spaghetti - includes Falafil Recipe

This recipe is a blend of Arabic and Italian and you will love it as it will still give you the meaty taste and the proteins.

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Chana Dal and Bitter Gourd

Bitter Gourd as the name suggest is very bitter, but it can still be cooked into a delicious meal. Check out this recipe.

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Badam Ka Halwa

Badam Ka Halwa is not your everyday desert. You try to make it enough so as to last long. I have tried to simplify the whole process. Still it does take some time

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Moong Ki Daal Ki Bhanpuri - Dumpling Curry

This is a unique vegetarian dish. Takes a bit of time and patience but the results are so good. The curry is a light curry. You can eat it with Paratha or eat it with rice. The curry tas ....

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