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Pasta with Chicken Meat Balls

This is a very simple recipe of a pasta dish. It is a blend of east and west and is also a heart healthy dish as I use chicken meat ang whole grain pasta. You can use the same recipe for b ....

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Chicken Pasanda

Chicken Pasanda or Chicken Pikata dish is a very tasty dish and you and your family will love the taste. Pasanda is usually of beef but I use chicken to substitute red meat. Great main d ....

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Rice and Chicken Meat Balls

This is a very simple and easy but delicious rice dish that you and your kids will love. There are no spices and the cashews and raisins add to the rich taste. Enjoy

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Chicken Fingers

Chicken Fingers - this snack has a little bit of an Indian touch, but still has the original chicken finger taste. The recipe shows you how to have crispy chicken fingers. Kids love this a ....

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Chicken Korma

Korma made simple. This is the easiest way of cooking the famous chicken korma. You will love it both due to ease and more due to its final finger licking taste.

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Baked Crusted Chicken

Considering baking something good. Try this simple and easy recipe for nut crusted chicken breasts. Oh it tastes so good and is so moist that you will love it.

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Chicken Meat Balls Cooked South Indian Style

This is not the traditional kofta dish, this is a south Indian way of cooking meat balls. Try it, hope you like it.

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Nihari - uses chicken

Nihari is traditionally made wit beaf, I am using chicken. You can use beaf, just make sure that you adjust the cooking time and water. Rest remains the same

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Kashmiri Roghan Josh

Kashmiri Roghan Josh is actually a very simple and tasty dish. Check out my way of cooking this dish. You will love the simplicity and the taste. Enjoy

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