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Aaloo Keema - Ground Meat with Potato

This is a very common dish, in this video I show you how I cook this dish. Every time I cook this I am asked for more. Pretty simple and easy dish. Common day food in most families from I ....

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Beef Curry with Tomatoes - cooked in pressure cooker

Beef curry with tomatoes, is another easy curry dish. The taste is great and the meat will simply melt in your mouth. Eat with bread, roti, nan or rice.

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Haleem or Khichara

For this dish you will need to buy the Haleem Mix from an Indian/ Pakistani store.  This packet includes all spices and the lentils needed to cook this dish.

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Minced Beef - Khare Masale ka Keema

This dish uses whole spices. You can make it as spicy as you like. Make sure you buy lean beef otherwise cut down on the oil, as the dish may turn out to be a bit oily. If you notice that ....

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East and West Sandwich

This blend of east and west sandwich is simple and easy. This sandwich will have a taste of garlic and ginger and the cilantro adds greens. Oh this tastes so good. You can add mustard or m ....

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Keema cooked in Pasanda Masala

Tasty way to cook ground meat. You can use beef, mutton, or even chicken ground meat. The meat is cooked in Pasanda Masala - Basically taking the pasanda recipe and cooking ground meat - O ....

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Keema Biryani - Biryani with minced meat

This Biryani dish is not the traditional biryani and is a very simple way of cooking rice in a different manner. Try it and you will love it. Your kids will also love it.

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