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Chicken Pullao -different version
Rice Dishes
This is a little bit difficult dish to make but the final product is worth the wait.
Preparation Time: 30 minutges to soak rice
Cooking Time: 45 minutes
Serving: 3 persons
Corainder seeds 2 tea spoon
Bay leaf 1
Cloves 3
Black peppers 4
Black cardimoms 2 medium
Green cardimoms 3
Basmati Rice 1 Cup
Cooking Oil 2 Table spoon
Yogurt 1 tea spoon
Garlic & Ginger paste 2 tea spoon
Chciken 1 pound cut into pieces
Garlic 1 bulb
Onion 1 medium
Water 1 cup
We are in the process of updating this section.  In the meantime please watch my video - it shows step by step directions as to how to cook Chicke Pillau.

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