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Cheese Omellete
Egg Dishes
It is the easiest thing that you can cook. Nothing complicated but do not forget to add water while whisking. Water makes your eggs fluffy. Not too many recipes tell you this secret.
Preparation Time: 3 minutes
Cooking Time: 3 minutes
Serving: 1 person
Medium size organic eggs 2
Freshly grinded black pepper Pinch
Cheese slices 2
Salt To taste
Cooking oil enough for frying
  • Break eggs in a bowl and whisk using fork or whisker
  • Add salt and peper and whisk again
  • Add 2 teaspoon of water and whisk again
  • Heat oil in a frying pan on high heat
  • Turn heat to medium and pour in the eggs
  • Cook for one minute on one side and turn
  • Add cheese,, spread it on one half side of the omellete
  • Turn the half side over the side that has cheese
  • Cook for another one minute till golden
  • Remove from fying pan and serve

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