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Qimami - Vermachilli in Syrup
Add sugar to a pot add some water and make a thick syrup. Add one cardamom and pinch of safron for flavor and set aside. In a frying pan or a big pot slightly quote the pot with oil and roast the varmachilli for couple of minutes. Add half and half ( or simply whole milk and let the vermachiilli cook till soft. Add the syrup and stir well the contents will start to thicken. Add nuts and remove.
Preparation Time: None
Cooking Time: 30 minutes
Serving: 6 persons
Veramchilli 200 Gms
Sugar 400 Gms 2 Cups
Green Cardamom 3 pods
Half and Half 1 cup
Safron 1 pinch
Nuts 3/4 cup
Oil 1 teaspoon
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