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Mooli Ki Subzi - Cooked Radish

Mooli Ki Subzi is a vegetarian dish. I first steam the radishes in a pressure cooker and then cook these to a consistent smoothy. Tastes great

Egg Plant Dish - Baigan ka Bharta

Simple and easy way to cook the famous egg plant dish, also known as Baigan ka Bharta. You will certainly love this vegetarian dish

Potatoes - Aaloo ki Subzi

Simple and easy way to cook potatoes in pressure cooker, the secret recipe referred to in the video is on the you tube site. So please copy from there.

Lentil Soup

I make this lentil soup in pressure cooker. This is a Daal dish or Arhar ki Daal. Yellow lentils or pigeon peas are available in any Indian/Pakistani grocery store.

Puff Pastry

This vegetarian snack is a delight of many parties. Can be served as an appetizer or a snack. Goes well with evening tea. Coffee lovers will also enjoy this as a side snack. Cut down on spices to make a milder version. Enjoy

Crispy Okra - Bhindee Ki Subzee

This vegetarian dish is very simple and every time it comes out delicious. The recipe uses very little spices as a result you taste the real taste of Okra. Enjoy

Arvee Kee Subzee - Tara Root Recipe

You will love this all vegetarian dish. It is very simple to make and tastes great.

Sindhi Chana with Paneer

This is a very simple recipe for Sindhi Cholay. The cholay taste so good that you would love to make it again and again

Phulkee Ka Salan

This unique dish is very simple. This is known as Phulkee ka Salan or phulkee curry. Try this

Sindhi Cholay

Sindhi Cholay recipe is very simple and easy. Assemble the ingredients mix everything and simply cook it till the water evaporates. The dish is ready in no time.

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