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How to make Roti - Flat Indian Bread

This video shows how to make Roti. Indian flat bread. Use a skillet to cook your rotis. I use gas but if you do not have gas you can still cook it on electric stove. Do watch how to make dough

How to make Roti with dough making video

In this video I have combined the dough making and the roti making. Just to save you some time. Other wise you can watch two videos

How to make dough for Roti making. Indian flat bread

It is easier to make the dough in a food processor. In this video I show an easy way of making your dough. Try this way and you will note the difference.

Stuffed Paratha - Indian fried stuffed bread

Simple and easy way to cook the best crispy stuffed parathas. You can stuff it with left over lentils, potatoes or even cooked mincded meat. What ever you have left over will work.

How to make Poori - Indian deep fried bread

I use a tortilla maker to make pooris. This is an easy way to make pooris. Makes a funny sound, and cooks a little bit. You can freeze these and fry later. I make several batches and freeze. Whenever I feel like I thaw these for making breakfast. Eat with potatoes that I made in another video. Enjoy

Meetha Tookra - Indian Bread Pudding

Real easy sweet dish. Make it ahead. Uses the most expensive spice.

How to make Parathas

In this video I show how to make Stuffed Paratha. I use left over cooked lentils to stuff. But you can stuff it with potatoes, cauliflower or any other vegetable that you want

Mooli ka Parathe

Mooli ka Paratha is so tasty that you would love to make it again and again. The trick is to get all the nutritiant in the dough. Watch the video to see how I do it. You and your family will love this.

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