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Bombay Biryani

This is a totally different way of cooking a Biryani. As the name suggests, this is from Bombay or Mumbai. Enjoy.

Mutton Biryani

This rice and meat dish is known as Biryani. This is a mild version of the biryani. I try to make it as simple as possible.

Shrimp Biryani or Pullaoo/ Pillaf

This is another simple rice dish cooked with shrimps. Very popular in the coastal areas. Enjoy

Chicken Pullao

This rice dish cooked in a pressure cooker. Try this recipe and you will love it.

Basmati Rice

Perfect rice all the time. Try this recipe of cooking your basmati rice in a pressure cooker. I have been cooking plain rice like this for ever and every time I get perfect cooked rice.

Chicken Biryani

There is a big controversy if this is real biryani. You try it and be the judge.

Rice with Garbanzo beans - Rice & beans Pullao

This is a very simple way to make rice with some nutritional value. I have added Garbanzo beans and have made this simple dish a little bit more exciting. Try it and let me know.

Rice and Chicken Meat Balls

Rice and Meat Balls - this is a very simple and delicous dish. You can use any meat balls, I use chicken meat balls. Ther recipe is available in the Pasta and Chicken Meat Ball section. Enjoy

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