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Pomegranate and orange juice

Heart healthy fresh juice. I add two oranges to get a slightly different taste. Fresh juice is the best. Try and compare this juice with what you get in the market and you will notice the difference.

Mango Lassi

This drink is very famous in the northern part of Indian sub-continent. In summer there is nothing like a glass of good mango lassi. Some of you have commented that this is the best recipe on the net. Try it and let me know.

Watermelon Juice

This fresh juice can be very refreshing. This recipe uses watermelon and pomegranates. Add a pinch of rock salt to it and you will notice the difference. Enjoy

Banana, straw berry and orange smoothie

Summer is here - so it is time for a smoothie. Try this one. I add a bit of rock salt to my smoothie, it gives an additional zing to the taste. You can skip it if you have never tried black salt. Simply use regular salt.

Healthy Alternate to Pop - smoothie in bubbly water

During summer take fresh OJ and add a cup of bubbly water and enjoy the taste. Simple and easy way to enjoy the summer. Nice yummy fizzy orange drink.

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