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Fish Curry

A heart health dish. Thick stakes of King fish used to make this tasty fish curry. You will love the taste of the curry. Several of you have already commented that yours came out as good. So please do try.

Fried Pomfret Dish

Marinate ppomfret in this recipe and try my method of frying this fish. You will enjoy this crispy fried fish.

Fish Kabab

Use cod fish to make these tasty kababs. Make ahead and fry when guests arrive. They will love these kababs. Kids also love this. They may not even notice the fish taste. Can be served with french fries

Fish Nuggets

Marinate the catfish nuggets using my recipe and you will love the taste of these nuggets. You can make as spicy as you want. Enjoy.

Shrimp Biryani or Pullaoo/ Pillaf

This is another simple rice dish cooked with shrimps. Very popular in the coastal areas. Try this home made recipe and you will cook it over and over again

Shrimp Biryani or Pullaoo/ Pillaf

Shrimp Biryani is very popular in the coastal areas. This is a very simple dish to make. Try this and enjoy.

Grilled Fish Recipe

If you have never grilled before, start with this simple easy indoor recipe. If you do not have a grilling pan, do not worry, use a frying pan, skillet or whatever you have. You can even grill it in a ordinary pan. Just brush it with oil or butter and grill your fish. Make sure it is cooked through.

Fish Taco

This is a mix of Indian and Mexican way of cooking the fish. The grilled fish is then used to make these tasty tacos that you and your family will simply love. Enjoy

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