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Chicken Curry with Gorbanzo Beans. Chicken Chole.

This chicken curry dish is cooked with a twist. I add Gorbanzo beans to this dish and also the cooking method is different.

Chicken Karahi (but cooked in pressure cooker)

This spicy dish is cooked in pressure cooker. Try this and you will love it.

Chicken Curry

This is a very simple way to make the simple chicken curry

Chicken Curry Part one

Simple and easy way to cook the famous chicken curry. This is my home style cooking. The taste will be much better than what you get in most restaurants

Chicken Kabab

Try this recipe to make chicken kababs. Very simple and easy when cooked in pressure cooker. This is my version and I love these even better than beef shami kababs. However, if you like beef,watch my Shami Kabab recipe. Authnetic recipe from the Moghuls.

Bombay Biryani

This chicken biryani is from Bombay or Mumbai. This is a totally different way of cooking biryani. Enjoy.

Chicken Pullao

This recipe of chicken pullao is very simple. This is different than chicken biryani. It is a quick and easy way to cook this rice dish.

Chicken Doo Peeyaza

This is a very simple and easy dish but still very delicious. Try it and you would like to cook this often

Chicken Curry Part Two

This is part two of the chicken curry. Part one has the ingredients

Chicken Kofta Curry

You must have eaten beef or mutton koftas, now you can try chicken koftas. It is a bit time consuming but the final product is really good. Try it and enjoy.

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